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Friday, February 23, 2007 12:01:00 AM

okays. i thnk i've been too obsessed with idolising again. back to those eg times. haha. the only difference this time round is i am way older. grand old age of 19. wow. as compared to the rest, i am so much older. haha. i might even be of age of the new coming idols soon. haha. oh nos.

so embarrassing to let people know i still idolise nowadays. but heck. i love baobei way to much to bother. and bawan too. haha. for the who-knows-how-many-millionth time i'm saying this, baobei is so cute! haha.

anyways, i am not the only one idolising so it's fine. i have my kakis, graceh and nexa. haha. you ahzunzun lovers. haha. everyone loves ahzunzun. why? do look beyond his flawless look and see people like bawan. haha. okays. this is kinda random. ah! i love baobei!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am making back for all the lost times i didn't spend with eg. haha.


Thursday, February 22, 2007 10:11:00 PM

hellos people. (:

i was an unhappy girl yesterday due to someone totally disregarding baobei but as what nex says, ignore such ignorant people. yes. they are just plain dumb, stupid, idiot, zuo yi quan fans. come on, she doesn't even call him zun, she calls him quan. how loving. hmph. she's not even qualified to be his fan lah. idiot.

anyways, i had an econs test yesterday during the first period. so sad right. the first thing i did after the CNY break is an econs test. at least blocks are after march hols, unlike other schools. hope i can pass. should be able to lah. i tried so hard to study for it and managed to crap the content out. please please please.

listening to bawan singing zui ai hai shi ni now. (: so nice. my bawan. hope i can check his thingy later at 11. i shall strive to stay on till then. jiayou!

what else? i love my CCA! have i mentioned this a million times before? oh wells. i shall say this again. i love GREEN! ((:

and i am going out with my PLC tomorrow. yays. been 3 months since we last met. time flew man. and only 7 will be coming tomorrow. oh wells. never mind. the core group is coming and that's enough. (:

okays. i am kinda surprised with the change in those i know from the past. really shocked. but as long as you are happy, i'm happy for you and will accept whoever you are now. love you still, even though you'll never read this. clau

and in OE, they are talking about bawan and baobei. haha. so cute. they call bawan mr tang or xiao tang. haha. wah. if bawan and baobei ever get together, i'll be damn high. haha. not like i'm not high just thinking about it. hahahahaahahaa. but baobei's not the type bawan likes lah. yah? haha. but she can get so adorable, all the time. haha. hate to not fall in love with her. haha. and she teh quite well too, the type bawan likes. haha.

oh. i just remember, i am turning into a teh pok! ahh! i was just talking to nicole yesterday and i was complaining about why i can't be short. and i teh when i said that. oh man. i felt so embarrassed after that. and zhenn says i'm very teh too. oh nos!

love you people. and HAPPY THINKING DAY!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007 2:51:00 PM

well well well. this post goes out to abu.

abu ah, i know it's very hard for you to accept that your injury ain't recovering at the rate it is expected to be and you are feeling really upset and frustrated over it. but, it can't be helped. i won't say i understand how you feel but you must be feeling damn bad.

watched the special just now. they left you out, didn't they. it's really mean of them. i don't even understand why in the first place they sent you and cal. it's so weird, so wrong. you only had cal throughout, and am i glad at least there's him. but it's not enough, he wasn't there for you all the time. i don't know. both of you seem to left out, so out of place. my poor boys.

digress a little. bawan is really zi lian and likes to qiang jing tou, and act cute. baobei pale in comparison. like i hardly see her. then agaain, maybe cos all my attention was focused on bawan. sorry baobei, sorry.

urgh. feeling really down. oh crap. should do my work now. :(

Monday, February 19, 2007 1:11:00 AM

call me emo. call me just wasting all my emotions. but i just love bawan's song! gosh. it touched me. haha. that sounds so wrong. guess i am just overwhelmed with the fact that he finally made it. presenting to you, tang yu zhe danson, 最愛還是你

沒開口的話 怎樣才能懂


你留在我心中 熟悉的表情

每個溫暖純白的記憶 穿越了距離

擁擠的人潮 沒有人知道

我偷偷想你 嘴角就會笑

不要說對不起 也不要問原因(不要再問原因)

就讓世界不停的向前 別忘記從前

最愛還是你 這是我的決定 (沒有人能代替)

像宇宙相對的星 互相吸引 慢慢就會靠近

還是要愛你 時間會證明 我愛你的勇氣 (沒有人能代替)

牽著你的手 才知道是永久 (一輩子不放手)

* 這一次我放棄了所有 只為能與你相遇*

i love bawan!! lots and lots more than abu and possibly a little more than baobei. only now.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007 1:08:00 AM

okays. all that i wrote just now is all gone due to some unforeseen circumstances. but nevermind. basically, i wrote about why it took me so long to update. cos i always not online. haha.

and i gushed over bawan againand again and again and again! ah! he is so cute. his eyes can dian me through the laptop. he is soft spoken and has pretty lips. a little sissy. and he is fair fair fair! and tall!! 178 eh. unexpected right. me too. haha.

ah! bawan is making life a little more exciting. it's been how long since i last gushed over someone? hmm. very long. haha. bawan is so cute! i am going to look him again later. haha. after this. ((:

and it's vday! yays! hope i get presents this year. didnt have any last year cos no school. please please please. happy valentine's day people! love you guys. love bawan!!

p.s. may i dream of him in a while's time. bawan!

Thursday, February 01, 2007 12:34:00 AM

i'm liking abu more and more. for his cuteness, his emo abilities, his sudden bouts of highness, his voice, him being able to see things in a different way. that's abu. someone who is mysterious. someone who make me want to find out more. somehow who i'll want to take care of, cos he is so vulnerable. what a cute little boy, and he happens to be a year my senior. technically speaking, 11 months and 1 day. haha. i seem to be contradicting myself in the earlier point. anyways, abu, jiayou! you must go on no matter how hard things get.


born serene oh but not old.
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