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Tuesday, March 23, 2004 8:15:00 PM

well well well, it's the second day of school and i am totally strained, physically and mentally. ae's in another 4 days. so fast. after that is mid year, then o's mt, then 'holidays', prelims and the big O! manz, fast fast fast. time really doesn't care about us man.

incase you are wondering, it's 175 days to prelims. that's like diam fast la. diam diam fast.

blogging block now. don't know what to say. thought i had alot but can't remember a single thing now. well, so wait till 28 march then i blog again ya. because that's most prob the next time i'll be online.

4 days

Saturday, March 20, 2004 10:33:00 PM

it's 320, the day of taiwan's elections. before today, i was supporting blue because i don't like a-bian. but after the results was released and upon seeing the reaction of the people that were supporting him, i think green is better. guess i'm not cut out to decide ya. but the gun incident yesterday was really too fake. i really believe he planned it himself. sigh.

they finally caught the few robbers at palau tekong. finally man. they took so long. sigh. only 3 people some more.

watched my girl today. diam sweet. teared at 4 parts. alot hor. highly recommended show. it's really diam sweet. and i love the male lead's double eyelids and eye lashes. i mean the younger lead. he has the most beautiful eyelids and eye lashes i have ever seen. but i think he should go and trim his eyebrows. yeah.

lost my phone. whoever is the kind soul that took it, please return to me. i'm sure you won't bare to see me go without a phone till after o's right? it's so long man. so please please return it to me. at least give me back my accessory and neoprint. the thing cost alot lor. please please please. so before i find my phone or i get a new phone, don't bother contacting me on my hp number. it's been terminated now.

cut my hair liao. i look younger. that's the reaction of all i saw. which is good. finally i look young.

i need to borrow a white dress so if you have one, lend me ya. i need it urgently.

all the above happened in 2 days, yesterday and today.
2 days...

Monday, March 15, 2004 8:49:00 PM

s**t you la!
stupid qinglun is making me pissed again!! you should ask mello what happened today manz!! like is my fault she didn't know. if she didn't, why did she turn up today arh?! and angel is making me more angry with her now. sigh. why did ms ho have to love her?

Friday, March 12, 2004 6:17:00 PM

diam tired man! just reached home from school and it ended at like 10.30. but it's worth it because we finally managed to like get alot of things done today. so proud of ourselves.

but i am diam pissed with qinglun. if you are reading this, just to tell you that the whole plc can't stand you. but i don't know about kristie la. just now she was supposed to show us the item. then she was like saying i have prefect stuff to do. and she had to leave. and she had to learn two dances so she can't remember the opening steps of her dance. i mean wth! if you can't cope, don't bother coping ya. we can't just kick you out or let you quit. we are fine with it. not like we can't do it without you. so stop acting like the whole coy belongs to you. we are your seniors and pls lor. how acn you give us that buay song you face! be careful man! someday i'll just give you a slap!

and tomorrow will be a very good day! lotz of scoldings man! gonna show you my poweress or else you guys will keep on thinking that i am someone very nice. i can be nice if i want but if you are giving me that attitude, be prepared to get it from me.

ae's in 15 days' time. diam stressed out now. but i'm sure it will go well. so whoever's reading this, please help us pray that the weather is fine that day and that night.

oh yah, was walking past the com lab just now and saw mr foo. he was wearing this collared t-shirt, shorts and walking around bare-footed. diam funny looking. heh. continue looking young ya.

conclusion: i wanna kill qinglun!

Friday, March 05, 2004 8:27:00 PM

finalli changed the skin. been thinking the old one is getting boring. i like this new one. heh. have fun!

8:17:00 PM

kz..diam bored now. sick of my blogskin liao..how? very lazy to change leh..sigh..ae's only 22 more days. oh ya, all who are reading this are welcome to the campfire but tell me beforehand. because must control the crowd mah. cannot too many people come. heh. plc don't murder me for writing this ya. heh. share a nice sentence i found while reading fanfic kz.

tears fell ruthlessly as misery of missing someone silently devoured me, time doesn’t heal the wound in the heart, it only numbs the pain.

diam nice right? but very sad la. heh. kz la. should be doing my f&n stuff now. as usual straying away. better be back on track. byeoz!
22 more days!!

Wednesday, March 03, 2004 8:04:00 PM

max, he is my friend's brother, also my neighbour. met him on the bus just now and guess what? he is so cute looking. i mean i love his teeth and he still looks so young and cute, though he is taller than me now. so i asked him what is he doing so late and guess what? he said because he just came back from queensway. and try guessing what he was doing there? changing his tongue stud. cool rite? he is getting so cute, so daniel like. but one thing that is too bad is i will never like him because i see him grow up since he was p3. oh.. if i can find a picture of him i'll put up here kz. love ya.
i'm full of love


born serene oh but not old.
nicknamed the old one now.
i stress, i am not old.
i would prefer to be called, mature.

It's not a dream if it came true,
but we exist to dream.
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