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Friday, January 23, 2004 2:23:00 PM

new year
hioz! it's the second day of lunar new year. wassup babes? got lotza money yet? enjoying youeselves? well, you guys better take this opportunity to enjoy and relax because once the holiday is over, we should know what to expect, right? should i be nice and scare all of you? it's 235 more days to our prelims. so peeps, gotta work hard! love ya.
235 days

Tuesday, January 20, 2004 7:25:00 PM


don't you think he's diam cute! love him man!
babies rule!

6:02:00 PM

cd shop guy
this is diam funny. i went to the cd shop 4 times in 5 days and every day i went, i saw this guy working there. and the best thing is, i don't think he recognise me. first, i went on friday to check if e4's there yet and the guy told me it's out only the nest day. so i went home la. den i went again the next day to get the album. i don't think he saw me. yesterday, i went yet again to get stanley's album and i asked a chabo then she said it's out of stock. so nvm la. den i walked arnd and decided to get 5566's album. when i was paying, i ask the guy when will the stock for stan's album be here and he asked the chabo if stan has a new album. i mean wadehell, he doesn't even know. den the chabo explained how the album look lk to him but he still seems blur so nvm la. den he told me no stock and the q i asked was when the stock is coming in. funny rite? den i paid for my album la den he ask me if i wan the poster or the other thingys. so i said anything lor, wat's the diff? den he told me one is limited so i said anything lor. and he decided to give me the limited thingys la. den he even asked me wat colour i wan for the thingy. i mean wadehell, can't he just make a decision? so once again i said anything la. and today, i went back again to help grace preorder the s.h.e's album. then he goes asking me wat i wan again! firstly, i don't know wat is there, and the best thing is he don't know too, and i don't now wat grace wans. so is like diam funny lor. i said anything at first den decided i shldn't and finally made a decision. so proud of myself. i think the guy is really diam funny. i noe he sounds lame here but if u hear me imitate the way he asks n the way i replies, it's really diam funny. kz la..

5:50:00 PM

man, i love the new songs by 5566, esp shou hou and boyfriend. it's like so sweet, if only sucha thing happen in real life. ohh..i heard something like that on radio yesterday. this guy called in and told a girl that even though he has been waiting for 4 years, he will continue to do that till the day comes, when she accepts him (or maybe is reaccept him. he never say.) i think this is so sweet loe. if only man..sighh..it's new year soon. happy chinese new year peeps. love ya.

Friday, January 16, 2004 8:51:00 PM

the me!
for all you people out there, in case you are wondering about the real me, i am here to inform you that i am just a super selfish and hypocritical person. i am never real to anyone. and know what? i enjoying cursing behind your back. so what? isn't this like the qualities everyone has? it just depends on how bad it is. and why are we like that? because we are not perfect, we are humans, we have emotions. sorry if i have upset you with my behaviour but i'm not going to stop. that's about all. this is me.

8:39:00 PM

bring me away
ok people, i need help. i really need someone to bring me away. i need to fly. fly out of this place, to somewhere great, like ever-ever-land. i'm sick of all the things here. sick!
diam sick!

6:04:00 PM

don't know why
don't know why i keep on blogging today but i just have the urge to type. maybe because i hasn't been blogging for a long long time so i can't control myself now. and the best thing is, i have ran out of things to write and this sucks. how? i'm like diam desperate to write something. sigh. i know what to do la. redo my blogskin again. heh. don't murder me kz. love ya.

5:58:00 PM

tell me why
那个夏天 过的飞一样的快
躺在学校的草地 看天上变换云彩
说着梦想 说喜欢的女孩
什么都不能阻挡我 去追求那未来

离开了家 来到陌生的地方
发现一切都不简单 生活有好也有坏
少了你们 有一点点奇怪 像什么忘了带

* Oh tell me why
为什么快乐又单纯的年代 消失的那么快
Oh tell me why
为什么那些想要留住的感觉 找不回来 *

Tell me why 再遇到你 好象有一点距离
交换生活中的精采 感觉却拉不回来
我们坐在 曾经混过的地方
看着好象当年的我们 吵闹的小孩
风吹着 我们走在回忆里 一点一滴慢慢倒带
想起了纯真那段爱 你的妹妹
她还是我的最爱 也远在千里外

* Oh tell me why
为什么快乐又单纯的年代 消失的那么快
Oh tell me why
为什么那些想要留住的感觉都已不再 *

那颗星 比想象遥远 长大后的我们
慢慢忘了怎么摘 oh 看见自己有一点点无奈
也许你不在 也许放不开
So please tell me why Oh tell me why
为什么快乐又单纯的年代 消失的那么快
Oh tell me why 为什么那些想要留住的感觉

the above is a song by tension, titled tell me why. now, i like to post a question to all of you people out there. can anyone tell me why do people walk in and out of our lifes? can anyone tell me why we can't stay like what we are, just like how the song goes. can anyone tell me why? oh tell me why..oh tell me why..oh tell me why..thanks for putting up with me for so long. love ya.

5:44:00 PM

another goodbye
today is the 16th of January 2004.
today is the day which signifies the departure of danny and chris from the broadcasting media.
today is the day that i'm going to miss them onwards.
today is the day when i'm going to say my last goodbye.
today is the day that i hope will be the last time i say goodbye.
today is the day.

Saturday, January 03, 2004 11:00:00 PM

the real goodbye
well, since last year i've been talking about changing classes and now it's confirmed. just wanna say an official bye.

10:56:00 PM

touched: well, was forced by my ma to go to chinatown today coz she wants to do some shopping there and we ended up getting stuck for about an hr half coz they have sealed the roads and we can't cross. but i guess there is a good side to everything coz i get to see, or rather hear the firecrackers. even though it's not my first time but do you know how great it is to be able to witness this moment coz it's back after 34 yrs. know the gan dong? it's so great. nearly teared but controlled coz i'm in the crowd. this rocks totally even though my feet hurts after standing there for an hr half.

sad: well, this may sound very ridiculous to you but i am sad because shuwei is too skinny. you wondering why? because he used to be so plump or chubby and is always accused of being fat. but now, he looks just like a stick. i mean he has thinned down so much. so so so much. he looks cuter now la, mainly because of his hair but i mean no one will mind the chubby him lor. fans will just complain for fun. i mean try to find faults. and now i don't know why, he has thinned down so much. and we fans are complaining again. because our hearts all ache seeing him like that. wei, why are you torturing yourself? know how much our heart aches?
mixed emotions


born serene oh but not old.
nicknamed the old one now.
i stress, i am not old.
i would prefer to be called, mature.

It's not a dream if it came true,
but we exist to dream.
Make a wish,
I'm your faithful genie that doesn't have much patience :)

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