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Saturday, July 24, 2004 10:16:00 PM

hey. how you? hasn't blogging for sometime.  sorry for neglecting this blog. well, i decided to blog today liao. why the sudden urge? you may ask. because a lot of things has happened, hence this entry.

firstly, we had our speech day yesterday. didn't really enjoy it but i must say it's good. saw lots of familiar faces. proud of those peeps. ya. hope to be there next year. not as retain student la. is as a prize receiver.

met someone irritating. the person is so selfish lo. can't stand it. not going to mention names, and i bet the person don't even know it her/himself.

went to school for f&n today. it happens to be the soccer for dads day too. saw them play. dam funny lo. like how uncle stanley and mr foo kicks the ball. and the place is like dam pathetic small la. and the ball flies out easily. it hit me somemore. dang. but i have since survived. met mr anthony. he rocks la. he just thinks in the ss way all the time. was asking us the purpose of holding a soccer for dads. can you believe it? he can even think deep enough to come up with an answer most of us won't. at least not me, celeste or mr foo.

had a talk with mr foo. he was just telling us the life of jc and why we should just try out the jc life. it rocks. according to him.

then met up with her. i can't disclose her name. promised her. and no, she's not celeste. this girl ah. she is totally into mr charles low, aka mr clay aiken. can't stand her lo. so in love with him. too bad. didn't managed to catch him before leaving.

aiya. don't know what to say liao, even though i thought i have a lot to say. blame on my bad memory.
charles low, cute meh?

10:16:00 PM

ok..hasn't blogged for a long time. i know this.  sorry for neglecting this blog for about 2 weeks. looks like blogger has revamped again.  yeah. why the urge to blog today? you may ask. well, has some

Monday, July 12, 2004 9:09:00 PM

our babies' 2!
yeah..i did not give birth secretly..i really didn't. it's energy's birthday today..
they officially turn 2 on the 12 of july! imagine them only starting to walk and talk and call mama! so cute!!
cute rite..i'm sure..heh..
happy birthday wor!
love ya! and many more years to come!

Sunday, July 04, 2004 2:56:00 AM

a drop of tear from the sky
it's my blog title, was my msn nick. why this phrase? i can't remember too. just that one fine day, i suddenly decided that a falling star is like a drop of tear from the sky, instead of raindrops. which do you prefer?
tell me ya

2:24:00 AM

yesterday and today
it's the 4th of july and i'm still awake, most probably still thinking it's the 3rd of july. spend the past 5 hours online. doing what? maths, game, chat, fanfic, worldvision. i believe the first 3 need no introduction.

fanfic. it's something me and nex came up with. a story. the link? don't ask me. i won't say.

worldvision. heard it coincidentally about on radio the other day. just heard the web so went on to see. the people around the world are really poor. they really need help. you should go on and look at them some day. http://www.worldvision.org or http://www.worldvision.org.sg please take a look at the prayer guide and pray for every single cause listed there.

anything else? just decided blog surfing. first blog on the list, clau's. just a few posts and it's making me wanna blog. always wondering why is clau's thinking so unique. she thinks really differently and far. reminds me of my friend ken.

ken. had a chat on msn with him some days ago. his thinking really inspires me. at this age, he is thinking of saving the human race. he was appointed to comment on the class so he, being straight-forward, offened the whole class. even his closest friend is about to turn against him. he told me this ideology. humans, people, us, we, shouldn't listen to good stuff all the time. we shouldn't get complacent and get into comfort zone. we must face it, face our faults.

"if you think to the furthest extend, the world is going to end in a few million years... if we human still possess this kinda of attitude and not influencing our next generation, the earth would definitely end.." "man just don't get themselves to adapt to changes.. they make the world to adapt to them.. in years to come when the sun conquer mercury and move on to the earth, we have to adapt ourselves in new environment and if we don't try to adapt to changes now, death is the only way left and then human extinction.." quoted from him.

don't you think it's true? i really admire him for this ideology at such a young and playful age. he really thinks and cares. but what about us? we just slack, play and study, if it's even being done.

been feeling the blues since we completed the fanfic. maybe because it's too sad. but. why? why? why? can someone get me an answer?

just chatted with yit jing. talked about getting famous. it's been our dream since so long ago. we have tried too. but. it's all for what? fame? popularity? or for the true music and dance? i believe is true music and dance. but how is it possible to get it done when the market is so full of crap now? everything is done for the sake of money. is getting the true music so difficult? is doing one's favourite genre of music so difficult?

no wonder taiwanese singer roy qiu decided to leave the singing industry. because he thinks his original motive of releasing albums is gone. all that's left is something he didn't like. i admire him for his courage.

idols. just read a comment on our fanfic and someone said we killed her idol. he is a character in our story who died in an accident. can people get any more worse? if just by a story is called killing, what's a true murder? can we just wake up from this idolisation trance and don't get too crazy in it? crazy enough to have those words typed out of our hands.

people. i wrote a sentence in the fanfic. it reads,"Just remember me as a passer-by in your life, and not one who will walk it with you. Continue walking and you'll find him." i marvel at how i managed to come up with that line. i myself have no idea why this popped up. is it true? that there will be the one to walk your life with? i believe christians will say is HIM. i guess so too. since relationships won't last long enough.

msn nick. [when you are in times of trouble, i will be there. but please do not take me for granted, because someday... i might leave..] my msn nick. jammy just told me it's chim. it is? but i think this is the correct attitude to life. we shouldn't take people for granted to much. i believe most of us have experienced it this year. oh, i took it from nings. not ningdie ya.

"life's like an airport. full of arrivals and departures." came up with it myself. but it's quite true ya. people come and go in our lifes. it coincides with the quote above ya. one arrivals in out life and we take him for granted too much. one day, he leaves and we realised that life's empty with him. all because we took him for granted to much. but one question, how can one not take another for granted too much? because i am still trying to learn but to no avail.

this is one of my most lenghty and thought-provoking post. hope it's the same for you.
too many whys in our lifes

Thursday, July 01, 2004 1:12:00 PM

a poem to share

++ Fly ++

In this world called 'Memories'
Under the starry sky I lay
My days are happy, my life's a bliss
But why does my heart seem to wander away?
Now I'm older I understand
My life is empty, dull as can be
The stars, my stars, used to be twinkling
Words of wisdom I didn't see

No wonder my eyes couldn't reach the point
Where the planets turn and spin round about
In my palm lay a coin
My life - Heads or tails? I can't figure out.

When I stretch out my hand
all I feel is air and pain
I don't know all these years what have I done
What have I said, what have I made, and what have I gain?

The words just struck me, hard and merciless
What can I do but swallow my tears?
In this huge and mysterious world
No one understands, and I don't wanna hear

Just below the rainbow up there
Hiding, far away, one of a kind
Something shining, something bright
Something gleaming, something mine
And there, high up there, a small little beam
Is what you call, a dream

My dream,
a place I long to go
Sometimes you feel you need wings
Or maybe some warmth to heal your cold
A map when you're lost, or maybe some other things
You'll need when you journey
If you dare

My life used to be so dull
Under the starry sky I see
A world so big, so amazingly big
Even the stars seemed to swallow me up

But there, somewhere there, you'll find your dream
To erase the emptiness, your life will not be dull
Someday you feel sad, and a failure you think you seem
A fall too big, a drop too high
Nevermind! Turn yourself into a seagull

To the place you want to go.

written by ^--=-][ bBaLL^gEr ][-=--^

let's all soar!


born serene oh but not old.
nicknamed the old one now.
i stress, i am not old.
i would prefer to be called, mature.

It's not a dream if it came true,
but we exist to dream.
Make a wish,
I'm your faithful genie that doesn't have much patience :)

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