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Friday, January 14, 2005 9:27:00 PM

st margs
i miss st margs. i miss it so so so much. i miss all the people there. i miss the building. i miss the canteen. i miss the library. i miss the ITRs. i miss the hall. i miss the guides' room. i miss mrs lee. i miss everything.

was talking to mervyn and he told me that he decided to stay in MI. not bad. so i welcomed him back and he said he never left. then he wrote a line from a poem for VS : we never really come back to you Victoria, for we never really left
written by professor edwin thumboo, who happens to be the english language head at NUS. he was an ex-student. i gotta give him the copyrights.

after looking at this sentence, i got all emotional. images of st margs flashed through my mind. feel like crying. i miss it so so much, even though i just went back today. the days spent there were one of my greatest. still remember i was afraid to go back last thursday. now, i just want to go back so much. but, i can never do it again. because i don't really belong there anymore. to be able to go back fully, everyone has to be back. everything has to go back. mrs lee, stanley, ms wong, all my classes.

though my body has left, my soul still remains. the st margs spirit is still there.

i'm talking rubbish. my sentences don't link. nevermind. cya around. take care. miss you like crazy.

Friday, January 07, 2005 11:47:00 PM

time to catch up
a lot of things happened the the past 4 days. i really miss my og peeps. ok. time to catch up.

040105, tuesday
made it to school on time! like we left at 5.45am. dam early la. and we took the train to bukit batok and not clementi this time. saves more time. the experience on the first day is too much for us to go through again, i guess. met charmaine and doreen near the carpark so we sat down and exchanged stories. went to the hall. sat behind regina and in front of lee chiu. i know it's stupid to write this down but it leads to my friendship with lee chiu. she asked to share a locker and hence, we became friends. quite funny ya. to ask a total stranger to share a locker.

had og period. collected our files and orientation tee. made more noise. learnt the school song. it's really stupid. i can't seem to like be able to sing the school song. it sounds tuneless to me. maybe cos i'm tone-deaf/tune-deaf. decided that the whole of og had to change to the orientation tee instead of our pe tee, so we look united. but there is this stupid guy who called us stupid, right in front of me and min min cos we are like supposed to wear our tee tomorrow. do we look like we know? and do we look like we are deaf?! the both of us were like cursing at that guy. went to the hall. sang the school song again. eunice and gang kept on shouting out the "Millennia" part. we are to drag that thingy la. i thought they were making a fool of themselves. walked around the school to learn the rooms. only managed to remember the LTs. finally, treasure hunt. i really don't know what's there to hunt for. walked/ran around. didn't manage to complete it in the end. were stuck at a clue "Window to knowledge" where on earth is this place man.

danced MI dance again. partnered regina this time. there are like way too many girls than guys la. the dance's rather fun when you really learn to enjoy it. at least i don't have to be like mello and dance with some ugly guy in khaki shorts. hint: she's in hcjc. discussed for mascot. decided on ugly duckling. can't remember who came up with it. mervyn was the chosen one. i bet he didn't expect something so bad.

050105, wednesday
waited for zhizhong. somehow this guy can't seem to turn up on time ya. went to school. it's the last day of orientation. so fast right. sigh. usual stuff in the morning. prepared for mascot. poor mervyn. he gotta be dressed with orange crepe paper taped to his pants at his calf. wore a big grey sweater. a black cap that is supposed to be the beak and eyes. wings made of lots of newspaper. a tail that looks like chicken feet (hope laris doesn't see this =D). webs made from newspaper and vanguard tied to his shoes. and walk around from 10 to 4. he even particiapated in the telematch later. the telematch really sucked. we waited in the hall for 2 whole hours before getting a chance to get our butts off and 'play'. come on la. we played for like 15mins? maybe more. not very sure. and all we did was to transport water with plastic cups. lame right. but had fun. what to do? gotta learn to enjoy (my pe shorts and tee were stained with mud. yucks but who cares. i went home in that. =D ).

we even have to wait for the finale to start. it's that bad. my butt ached like siao at the end of the day. the student council performed for us and gave out prizes. yes. we didn't win any. went for a photo-taking session after dismissal. and guess what? we gotta wait again. ended up going back only at 4.30. and school is supposed to end at 3.00. finally did a changement cheer at the end of the session before breaking up. at least we did it once in public.

check out the schedule for the next day and i am suppose to have chem, econs and mt. exchanged gifts with guotai. he gave me a bear. come on la. i'm his brother and he actually gave me a bear? nagged at him for a while. end of day.

060105, thursday
finally, officially started school. and i'm already starting to miss my og peeps. this is what you call, xiang si bing. went to classes with kuku. the first chem class sucked totally. the lecturer, ms yong, is so dam boring la. to me, she seems to be saying,"go to sleep. go to sleep." struggled to keep my eyes open for 1 1/2 hrs. econs after that. mr tang is funny. he gaves us reasons why we should take econs and one of it is: to be able to talk about money without earning many. or something like that. he also said our class lights up at the word money/finance/stockmarket. are we that money-minded? =D

after break is mt. sucks la. just cos i got a D7 for hcl prelims, i gotta take chinese now. and the teacher sucks. he's the HOD la. and he can't pronouce. was dam pek chek with his pronounciation. kuku saw a guy she likes. managed to give him her number. we were like over the moon. dam high. throughout chem (yes again!!), we were like smiling at each other. and finally paying attention. ya. cos it's a different lecturer. this one was mr liao, i think. can't remember. he is so much better than that ms yong la. we actually understand his lesson.

went back to st margs to help out in campfire prep. didn't really dare to go back. don't know why. heart started thumping when i reached serene's. sula me is back. somehow i managed to gather enough courage and crossed the bridge and went in. got my cca cert and yearbook. was dam touched by whatever i saw in the yearbook. just when i started to tear like a siao chabo in the canteen, she has to appear and spoil my day. tell you what. qinglun really sucks. yes. i'm naming her and i don't care. she thinks she very big is it? wth la. heck her. talking about her makes my blood boil.

met up with ahma. exchanged stories about our schools. rocks la. starting showing each other our dances in the parade ground. haha. good thing it was 6+ in the evening and no one else is in school, except teachers. overall, the day rocks. more or less la.

070105, friday
last day of the first week of school. more lessons. pe was bad. that guy actually gave us a lecture on pe. can you believe it?! whoa. he on and on about what we are going to do. don't know what games and conditioning la. then what napfa thingy. aiya. crap la. after that is econs. fun! i TOTALLY love econs. but kuku was sleeping in class. that slacker. then we had chem. ms yong was much better today. maybe cos i wasn't that sleepy. then we had maths. the maths teacher, mr jason chen, is so dam sucky la. don't know how to describe his lessons. just know that it suck to the core. ya.

school dismissal. finally. maths seems like 10 hours when it was only 45mins. went to play bball. it was supposed to be an og bball session but only me, laris, sharlene, jasmine, regina, lee chiu, calvin, mervyn, jamas and masthan turned up. sad la. i know i can't play bball la. that's the reason why i decided not to join st margs bball. after some time, sharlene and i decided to play netball with a basketball. wow. it was a dam funny experience. you gotta see it yourself. i don't know how to describe. played bball again. played soccer with mervyn, masthan, sharlene, regina and jasmine. shoot goals into the goal post. dam lame. did the bimbo cheer over and over again. =D played bball again. this time with laris, sharlene, jasmine, regina, mervyn, masthan and laris's friend. we were winning at first but after some time, we lost count. or should i say we didn't even bothered counting.

was late for meeting jiayu. sorry xiao de. went back to st margs again. walked around and crapped with teachers. kept on pestering charles low. think he's really easy to bully. heh. and the best part is he don't even teach any of us but we went back to pester him. heh. funny right. watched performance. talked to mr lee. pestered low again. saw this horrendous teacher who wears pink from top to toe. heard she was wearing some other colour everyday. scary. crapped in the canteen. they went back. and i want to join in the campfire la. my purpose of being there. wanted to clear up but parents came and brought/forced/pulled me home. dam. i wonder how did they clear up.

had a online og conference just now. was dam messy. dam funny. never managed to get anything done. can you believe it? you should. since there are like 8 people conferencing. been blogging after that. and it's been about 2 hours. my longest post ever. signing off finally. cya peeps. cya soon. miss ya. love ya. take care. muack.

Monday, January 03, 2005 7:51:00 PM

new school day
started school today. not as bad as i expected it to be. was quite fun actually. thanks to the people i get in my group, namely, sem, sharlene, laris, jasmine and faizal. the rest as not as enthu but fun too la. the rest of the people are, zhixuan, kenneth, kenny, calvin, mervyn, bryan, masthan, jamas, liang yu, xu jie, sze cheng, garcia, germaine, louisa, vina, min min, regina, lee chiu, daphne and some more i think. can't remember. should maybe one or two more. yeah. and of course, the ogl (orientation group leader) BASITD! he's dam funny la.

went late. arrived at 7.58. haha. late for the first day of school. rocks right. can't be blamed. the queue for the bus is so dam long. and it took like 3 buses to accommodate all of us. then we had intro from johan, the head of student counsel, jonathan, the head of orientation, mrs ong (i think), the prinicpal. she had this really cute formula. i think it's really amazing. it goes like this:
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz = 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
attitude = 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100
so we need to give the right attitude to achieve 100% of whatever we want to achieve]
cool right? i think it is. haha.

then we had talks from dm, subject teachers and stuff. just dam boring stuff la. we also had og periods. those were fun! we played ice-breakers, talked crap, thought of group name and cheers. i bet it won't be as fun without all those enthu people in my group. we also found a table with words like i love bastid written on the table with marker. and a girl's name too. so we started making fun of him. it's was really hilarious. his face was so red. and his friends were like "how come we didn't know" haha. fun la. pure fun. we also had to do the MI dance and was supposed to pair up with a guy. the best thing is there wasn't enough guys so i ended up dancing with jasmine. haha. later i swopped partners and danced wit amelia. was a totally cool experience. we were like so mixed up. haha.

oh! the ogl did a skit at the beginning of the day and it was dam funny la. vicknish was like so su la and began to change and transform into a brave man. and he liked johan. dam funny. later he came during our og period and told us that he's really not gay. just that the skit made him seem to be one. haha. we even wanted to named our group ah guah. haha.

k la. that's should be about all. if i actually state everything, it'll take me years. haha. k la. take care till i blog again, which may jolly well be tomorrow. haha. cya. love ya. muackz!

Sunday, January 02, 2005 9:41:00 PM

half body family photo Posted by Hello

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Full body photo and candy jie jie Posted by Hello

8:39:00 PM

hey peeps, i'm back!!! and i am back with a brand new skin. woohoo! i'm lovin it. i just so love the look of my blog now. yeah. it's a brand new start with a brand new year and this is goin to be history cos it's my first post of the year. aiya. don't know what am i talking about. have yet to get back to the postin track. haha. school's gonna start tomorrow. sigh. i am so goin to miss hols. will update about the events of first day of school tmr ya. cya!


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