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Thursday, September 25, 2003 12:57:00 PM

guess what? found back the one. what's up with the computer man! hai~

12:55:00 PM

what the...don't know why didn't publish the one i wrote just now. why? now must retype. sad...

12:51:00 PM

heh heh heh! it's me again. even though i said i will try to not come online but heh...sneaked here. in school now, having a free period, and since nex asked me along so i decided to come and update. heh. nothing to say leh...how? anyway, stepho threatened to kick my ass as i didn't wanna help her do her chinese homework. ok..she didn't kick my ass but my chair instead. and she 'zap' me. what the...how come the whole world know that i am afraid of being zap? and celly is officially afraid of lizards now, due to the lizard incident which i do not want to elaborate about. oh yeah, stayed back in school to study yesterday, i know i mentioned it before, and went saga seeds picking again. heh. this time with nana too. and i am a good girl coz i bothered to do whatever wang li left for us last week, unlike ying jun who haven't even touched it yet. i am so guai! call me miss guai man! heh. must go and study my chinese now, i hope. shall try to study okies! JIAYOU! BYEO!

Wednesday, September 24, 2003 8:18:00 PM

hihi! hows life? about the toro thingy right, actually me and nex now feeling much happier that he is dan fei-ing now coz at least we noe wat is happening now, instead of being worried sick. after posting the other day, sms-ed nex and after talking, felt so much happier. thanks nex. and now she love n hate him. funny huh. exams are round the corner so me, nex, nana, clau and van kang studied in school after school today. so guai right. in case joanne is reading this, hey! 3/4 peeps do study man. so surprised right? coz i was just telling her that is it unusual to see ppl in our class study. heh. so let's all work hard and do well for our exams alrighty?! when we get back our results, let's post here and share our joy and sadness. anonymous, you too okie! let's JIAYOU!
JIAYOU! JIAYOU! JIAYOU JIAYOU JIAYOU!!! good luck for exams. shall try not to come online anymore till after exams. heh. :D and do miss me okie! BYEO!

Monday, September 22, 2003 9:13:00 PM

i want toro!!!

9:10:00 PM

jus finished reading whatever there is on the tw webbies on energy. very sad. like toro confirm going to [jason] liao. [jason] is the new company jason is opening. [jason] is connnected to jungeriary star, by the way. so sad lor. den i read toro's msg, diam sad. a shoutout to all: I WANT TORO GUO WEIYUN BACK IN ENERGY FOR MY BIRTHDAY PRESENT! heh. impossible huh. diam sad now. jus finished watching zhen me tai du mv, den sad lor. saw toro in it though it was shoot after the thingy has happened. but it was shoot separately. sad.. miss toro! GUO WEI YUN, WHERE ARE YOU?

7:54:00 PM

hey hey, hows life? its me again. heh. lameo again today. sori arh, mus put up wif me again. well, hasn't been online for sometime so didn't have the chance to blog. dui bu qi mah, bu yao sheng qi ok. had a ok time these past few days. went for flagday on sat arnd bugis and we walked to smps. heh. we told the juniors to not go out of bugis and we ourselves walked nearly to ps. heh. so like the seniors. supposed to have my oral on fri but as mr koh has a date, he has to leave at 4.30, leaving us there like idiots waiting for nothing. but forced alloi to go makan kfc with me. heh. slept for 15 hrs on sat. too tired la. from 6+ in the evening to 9+ in the morning. pls call me pig. heh. went for my cousin's wedding yest. diam tired man. jus sit there and eat, eat, eat. really become pig liao. den when there is the ppt presentation for the wedding photos, her fren replaced take and gigi's pic in the turn left turn right poster to theirs. diam funny man. and after the slide show, they entered from respectuvely the left and right doors. diam cute lor. and my cousin looks like da s, her husband david tao and a fren of theirs jimmy from tension. we were like woah.. a event with lotza stars huh. heh. diam lame hor us. it runs in the blood. went to school in the morning and they were telling stories about vincent and petrina. and they form vp(vice principal) and kk(kang kong). all thanks to nex man. she's being coming up with such stuff. toking about nex, here are the links u wanna:
that's all i am putting. more next time ok. byeo. and don't miss me too much. :D heh.

Thursday, September 18, 2003 7:04:00 PM

hey hey! it's me again. i am back after 2 days. miss me? i'm sure you do. heh. diam lame today lar. anyway i had a great day today. well, we did alot of diam lame things today, me and clau. at the hub, we hid eunice's and celly's food behind us and they thot they lost it. or shld i say eunice thot she forgot where she left it and celly thot that nexa's food was hers and took two bites. heh. but we are nice and gave them their food in the end and to believe that they didn't even suspect us. i guess we are good at it huh. thanks to rach for the idea. heh.

during chinese today, as wang li never come, so we were supposed to do whatever she left for us but as usual we won't do lar. and then chicky came and we were having fun. heh. we were all testing grace on her oral as she is taking it after school but we ended up having a mini-'concert'. heh. singing away happily in class. just the 7 of us. cool huh. never even touch the paper. heh.

after school while the rest are having oral, synergy had a phototaking session. oh yah, eunice just joined synergy. cool huh. anyway, we took alot of pictures. fun. miss siti must have thot that we are crazy, posing and taking pictures at the corridor. heh.

after the session, we went home and nex saw her saga seeds again so we went and collected them. just then, the bus came and we ran up with my hands full of saga seeds. diam funny lor. and we found a plastic bag on the bus seat so it became the bag which contained the saga seeds. heh.

when i reached my stop, i decided to take a long walk arnd the neighbourhood so i walked arnd the blocks. it took me quite some time as my cd was playing track 6 when i started and by the time i reached home, it was already track 11. diam long hor. went past my primary school, which is presently known as the building of catholic school (primary) as my school merged, and saw the little boys playing. memories flew back and i was tearing. at that time i was listening to zhi you wo somemore. so sad lor.

wrote alot about today huh. but i still have more. it is about yesterday. heh. bare with me a while more huh. anyway we had our pbl presentation yesterday but we didn't present as there isn't enough time so we are going to present next wed. anyway me and nex was doing our file during pure and we saw mr lee. we were so freaked out lor. good thing he never see what we are doing or else... and when germz's grp was presenting, we wrote banners for them and waved in the air. diam fun lor. god thing mr lee never see us or we will be dead man. anyway, geri decided to be lame and waved our hands in the air, as if we are attending a concert. heh. lame hor. now you know why i am so lame. look at those arnd me.

should stop now. wrote so much. know that you guys are going to throw rotton eggs at me soon. sorry. anyway, one last thing to say,'SHUWEI IS SO CUTE!!!!!'

thought of the day: why am i so lame? i wonder... ...

Tuesday, September 16, 2003 7:50:00 PM

heh. it's me again. forgot to write about the 'wei thinking of' me part just now. during chinese class, i don't rmb why but me and eunice started talking about hiccups and she said that rach said that when you hiccups, it means that someone is thinking about you. so i went on to talk about me walking up in the middle of the morning hiccuping this morning. i further talk about the possiblities of why wei is thinking about me so early in the morning at 3+ am. the more i talked about it, my face got redder. *blush blush* and then nex and nana came so i told them about my fantasy and they broke my heart with what they said. nex said that it is impoosible for wei to think about me because he has never seen me before or even knew i exist. *biang* my heart broke. and nana went on to elaborate about how untrue the statement is as ady didn't hiccup every other minute even though she is thinking about him all the time. *biang biang* my heart broke further. the two of them has broke my heart into a zillion pieces, how could they? i mean it is every girl's wish that her dream guy will be thinking of her right? so why can't i fantasize for a while? how could the two of you break my heart? hopes dashed...fantasy gone...

went with nex to collect saga seeds after school just now outside our school. no idea why she wanna collect them but i helped anyway. then she later told me that if she ever has a boyfriend, she would give them a saga seed on every date they had. so sweet right? then i said that i would collect a saga seed everyday from the day we are together to commerate every day we had. and then, i will seal them up in a bottle when we are over and then, i will write the name and date on it. so funny hor? anyway, came up with a new one while walking back just now. i will write a thought of the day on the piece of folding paper everyday and fold it into a star and keep it in a bottle. isn't this so much sweeter? heh. at the end of the relationship, i will give the bottle to the guy as a memory of what we had before. isn't it so sweet? aw...

second thought of the day: will someone be thinking of you when you hiccups? i wonder... ...

7:36:00 PM

oh freak! accidentally deleted the whole thingy. now i must retype everything. oh man. this is just too great! why am i so heng? will write in the next entry.

6:48:00 PM

hihi! hows life? it's me again. heh. very lame today lar, don't blame me ok. anyway with reference to what i wrote yesterday, i made up my mind this morning. i have decided on wei. heh. so cel, be happy ok. :D and nex said that i always have the last laugh. the last time when everyone don't like yun, but i liked and nex eventually took him away from me and now all the contract thingy, she regretted taking him away. she said i had a laugh then coz i was making fun of her saying that she deserved it from taking yun away from me. heh. so mean hor. and she said i have another laugh now as we discovered that the whole gang actually like wei now, and i am supposed to be the only one actually. so she said this proves that i have the last laugh again as everyone is like 'fighting' for him now. heh. anyway, i really can't believe that even cel like wei. even her! oh well, cute guys are usually popular aren't they? heh. i have this feeling they are going to bash me up soon. and milk became a common property after 'much discussion' and even though eunice is against it, we don't care. heh. tmr is pbl presentation liao, so nervous coz it's doomsday as nex call it. oh ya, one more thing, milk pronouced 'boom' as 'bomg'. so funny hor. well, should stop crapping now and stop wasting your time. so i end here. byeo!

thought of the day: i have finally decided on the vain one but will my love last forever? i wonder... ...

Monday, September 15, 2003 7:52:00 PM

hihi. hows life? heard from Vector that the concert is diam nice. heh. but i now have a question. do i like wei or da? when i heard from nex what happened to da after the concert, as in the drinking and crying part, my break broke into a million pieces. and i had been stoning, thinking about da through out the whole of chemistry lesson. i know i shouldn't be doing this as i would be wrong to celeste but i can't control myself. what if i really like him? celeste, you can kill me if you want but you can't stop me from liking da. a person's feeling is a very mysterious thing, no one can stop it. so celeste, when the day comes and i really like da, i will let you decide what to do to me ok, as i believe i won't have the right to decide at that point of time anymore. celeste, sorry.

thought of the day: why can't i control my feelings like nex? why can't i just like a person and not more than one? why? i wonder... ...

Sunday, September 14, 2003 5:57:00 PM

show you guys wat nex sms me after the concert.
'Today was great!Not really sad,they all looked super good..Everyone of them!!Hahaz..It was a nice and calm concert,,We whistled alot and ppl said they heard us!!'
cool huh..and michelle was just telling me about how shuwei played the guitar and how gay milk was. heh. too bad, i missed it. so sad...anyway i am so in love with stef sun now. didn't know she was so important to me, as in, every song of hers bring back so much memories of the time the song was published. loved hen hao. should listen to it man.

thought of the day: why do one feel very lonely amongst alot of people? i wonder... ...

Saturday, September 13, 2003 2:07:00 PM

it's 13 september 2003. it's energy concert day. it's the day which they will step onto the stage and hold their first ever shou piao concert. but there will only be 4 of them. where is the 5th one? where are you? don't you know that your dreams are going to come true soon, if only if you come back now. even though the other 4 will help you fulfil your wish, your dream, but it would not be the same feeling. why won't you just come back? where are you?


thought of the day: can you feel the power of a dream coming true? would you be able to witness a miracle? should someone help make your dream come true, would you be able to feel it? do you know how many people need you? i wonder... ...

Tuesday, September 09, 2003 7:36:00 PM

feeling better today finally. heh. but though i am happier, i am troubled over our dearest pbl project. why do we have to do this project? i guess everyone is equally as troubled. hai~ this part of school life sucks totally. went out with nana after the stupid cme talk, which no one paid attention in, and had our lunch at kfc. wanted to study but due to our dearest and nicest eunice ng who gave us the energy photo, we ended up stoning and staring and commenting the photo. so like us huh. heh. went to popular after that and we FINALLY found our octopus file. YEAH! but we didn't buy in the end after much debate with ourselves as we decided it is useless. but i bought a fish notebook and a cat file. nana bought a fish file. so happy! reached home and fell asleep after messaging celly. heh. just woke up an hour ago. hope nexa did well for her exam, gonna ask her tomorrow. can't be bothered to call her. heh. so excited about tomorrow as we are going to nexa's house to watch energy gai ban vcd. after that, me and clau will be going to study. i mean try to study. heh. we decided on going back to school to study as there is no place we can decide that is suitable for us to study. heh. and i think english lessons are useless but fun. love the games. heh. like who won't. anyway, it's my best friend's birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY XIUHUA!

thought of the day: would a person feel the love you have for him? or would it be only yourself feeling it? why won't the person feel it? why is there something called love in the first place? i wonder... ...

Monday, September 08, 2003 8:43:00 PM

now: today is the 8th of september. now i am writing my first post, marking the start of my blog.

feeling: sad, tired, exhausted, drained, empty and lonely. all thanks to energy and the fanfic i read. energy is really taking every single bit of energy i have in me. don't you find it funny? energy taking away energy. for those who have no idea what is energy, it is a taiwanese boyband. been tearing lots lately, due to the contract conflict. and just read a diam sad and touching fanfic. it really drained all the tears in me. feeling much better after letting everything out. finally! been trying to get everything out for weeks. but feeling more tired after letting everything out. why? i thought i am supposed to feel happier and freer? instead i felt both physically and mentally drained. this is the funny thing about life and emotions.

today: had a happy day, other than the energy episode, and class ended very early today. went to have breakfast with clau and eunice. spent hours on the computer today, about 4 hours. and 1 hour is spent on looking at energy's pictures, 2 hours on reading fanfic and going through the tons of emails i have. the rest is spent on doing this blog. didn't get to study at all, thanks to celly as she is sick and can't study with me. too bad.

wishes: hope that celly gets well soon and nexa will do well for her ballet exam tomorrow. also hoping that yun returns to energy soon. keeping my faith in yun. and to energy, just wanna say,"JIA YOU!"

thoughts of the day: is life really beautiful or is it out to torture others? i wonder... ...


born serene oh but not old.
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i stress, i am not old.
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It's not a dream if it came true,
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