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Saturday, April 30, 2005 6:46:00 PM

yesterday was nexa's birthday. i didn't go for her party. sorry girl. have stuff on. happy belated 17th birthday yeah.

went out with my beloved after sports day. had dinner at PS after that, we strolled downtown. walked and stoned aimlessly before settling down at cine's food court for a drink. left soon after that. it was a great trip.

oh..sports day sucked so much. we only had like one event?! the inter-class relay. suck la. our class was in the 7th heats so we had to endure the sun and stuff till our turn finally comes. wah, we screamed our lungs out can. but sadly, they didn't hear us. wasted sia. didn't do very well too but nevermind la, considering we wanted to draw out of the event and didn't get the last place. haha. i don't think my phrasing is right but who cares. hee.

i love my class!! haha.

and seems like she found out that we all don't like her. cos julius said something about her without knowing she was nearby. and she heard. haha. it was during band la. so if anything happens, we can just say it's julius. hahaha. evil people.

study time tmr!! cya people there. mwahhs.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005 9:13:00 PM

we were kicked out of econs tutorial today. it should be we weren't even let in. there's no bell for that particular period and we got carried away doing our chemistry practical so we went for econs class about 10 minutes late. our econs tutor was so pissed at us cos we passed that 7 minutes only mark. so we weren't allowed in the class. so a free period la. but honestly, no matter how much we don't like that guy, we won't do such a thing just to skip class okay. if ms chia ever screams at us for it, i hope i can keep it down. for the sake of me and the others. cos it's really a big group. about ten of us. which is 1/3 of the class.
only had GP today after all. thanks to being locked out of econs class. spent the rest of the day in the ava and hall, listening to pros playing the piano. i really didn't know so many guys know how to play the piano till today. and my, they are good!! i like this particular J2 cos when he plays, you can feel the music in your blood. he is really good. i think no one i know can beat him. i am going to miss his pieces so much.
only today then i found out that a lot of people in my class listen to chinese music. for my normal group of people, they all listen la. but even people like samuel, khai nam and EVEN moses eh. maybe moses don't really listen but he knows that song by guang liang, tong hua. not bad yeah. considering it's a rather new song. and he heard it yesterday somemore. wah. shocked after i heard that.
chunkiat has a match tomorrow and i can't make it again. sorry man. but i hope he wins. so i can make it to the next match, which also happens to be the finals. jiayou!!
miss the dots so much. hope to go back soon. like next week or next next week or next next next week. some time soon la. yups.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005 9:04:00 PM

i have a lot to say. but somehow, i don't seem to remember everything i want to say. i'll try to remember k.
firstly, today's fel bday. love you ahma!! hee. had fun. laughed alot. we rock. hee.
like what mich and jo said, i think we are really of different characters. we shouldn't click. how did we in the first place, i don't know. just knew that i've put up for a long time. finally, i can let it go. (:
i know i am irritating, violent and a total bitch. i'm sorry that i can't change me even though i do try to be a little better. i also know that a lot of people don't like me. they do try to hide the fact but i can see. really. so i also try to act as if i don't know about it, so as not to spoil whatever relationship we have. i suck.
i finally see. i finally figured out who are the ones that will stay by me when the whole world abandons me. i believe ling will. hopefully grace and bever. life is so tiring. life is so sad. life is...

Friday, April 22, 2005 9:11:00 PM

heya!! back. these days ah, my life is so boring. haha. just go school, go out then go home. sian sia. heee. but the trips out are great!! haha. lots of gossiping and bitching was done during that period. =D

oh. just found out that the whole world don't like her today. haha. actually only about or more than half the class la. haha. dam funny la. we went to the LT earlier cos we can't find seats in the cafe and ta da!! out comes all the bitching. haha. i just so love my class!! 79 is da best!! mwahhs!!

Monday, April 18, 2005 8:20:00 PM

i am happy and sad.

firstly, happy cos eg is not splitting up. that stupid concert name la. like what the hell.
then also happy cos nexa is not migrating after all. all cos of that april fool's joke ehr mom played on her.
thirdly, we (sajc) won acjc at the soccer match. 1-0. yay! we rock the house down man. woohoo!! hee.

sad cos i can't remember why. hee. aiyah. my memory really getting very bad.

anyway, bryan just commented that fiona, huiqi and i are very se. haha. just cos we kept on looking for cute guys and ask if the guy that any of us is talking about is cute. haha. you call this se? he ah..funny la. then huiqi said,"you also always commenting on esmine ma." hahahaaaahhaa. this is the funniest line ever la. like whatever. haha. he seems quite irritated after that, even more especially after we mentioned her. haha. we ah, the bitch club really rocks man. hee. oh..i will intro the bitch club one fine day when i decided that i'm free enough. hee. up till today ah, i still harbour hopes of blogging about what happened since school started but never had the energy or time to do it. hee. excuses. k la. i better go and try to understand some maths since i have a test this thurs. uh oh. hee. talk to you peeps again some other day. (:

love ya. muacks.

Friday, April 15, 2005 10:53:00 PM

i feel really sad. seems like i always blog whenever i feel sad. like what ah ma tells me.

i'm feelin sad cos eg is splitting. even though it's something i know, something that i always wanted it to come true, but when it's like almost true, i'm feelin really sad. they are like the first ever band that i really liked. and they are also the first to split. i hope i can go for their concert in july. i gotta start saving from now.

i'm feelin sad too cos of a few lost relationship. i thought i wanted it to happen too. but seems like it's a wrong decision too. i really think i'm a schizo. i'm going to apologize now and hope to get a little stuff back. as in the feelings.

i'm feelin sad too cos nexa might be migrating to australia soon. i hope it doesn't come true. cos i am so going to miss her. miss all the times we spend together. miss everything. everything single memory. especially, miss her.

i miss you! and i love you! tCare.


born serene oh but not old.
nicknamed the old one now.
i stress, i am not old.
i would prefer to be called, mature.

It's not a dream if it came true,
but we exist to dream.
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