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Saturday, October 25, 2003 7:55:00 PM

wanna add something to my entry: from nothing to big things. i was talking about seeing artistes becoming famous right? after hearing shanwei's interview yesterday, i discovered that i so-called see him turn from a nothing to big thing too.

even though shanwei's 'give me five' didn't sell well and i didn't see his children programme but he became really famous after hosting wan qu yu le right? well so i call this seeing him turn from nothing to big thing. i still remembered feeling shock when i saw shanwei and renfu appearing on wqyl. i mean the host before was wewe's youwei so where is he? then i realised that they have changed hosts now that youwei's contract is over. and i was like who are these 2 monkeys? they are ugly and girly.(you should know which is for who) but as i slowly see them becoming more and more popular, i felt happy for them. but it was sad because my school extends school hours to 3.30 and this means i won't be able to watch wqyl again. sigh...

i miss shanwei and renfu... ...a-wei and zax, must JIAYOU ok!

7:37:00 PM

well, today is not very smooth-sailing and i totally hate it. first the teacher is pms-ing(no wish to say who) and then zhihao and gang made me so darn fed-up, or should i say us? we were supposed to meet at 1.30 but they reached around 1.45. then they ate lunch for about an hour. by the time we started work, it was 2.45. and then he told us that he wanted to go to places like orchard and suntec. i mean it's ok with me but he is asking us to go to places like bishan, fort canning and lower pirece. i mean they are so far apart. so we got pissed and 'demanded' that we should be the ones going to town because it is safer for us there. i mean we were 8 young ladies and who knows what might happen to us when we are at the reservior. then he confessed. he and gang had already bought movie tickets to a 3.30 show and they are watching it in town. won't you be pissed if it was you? and mello standed up and 'commanded' them where to go. in the end, we went to botanic gardens, king albert park and fort canning. wonder how mello did it. and then on our way to k.a.p., i sms-ed him and told him off. yes feeling diam pissed then. me and sam were like cursing him all the way. and we believed that they didn't watch a movie. don't know why. just a gut feeling. in the end, felt much better after he apologized, but we think that is was his friend who made him do that, and i said," for once, i like this guy." and we went to p.s. and fa xie(let out our anger). now i am feeling peaceful and calm. feeling so much better now. today just sucks totally because just as we were feeling better, the teacher asked us to do something again. what a bad day. hope that tomorrow will be better and i am sure it will.

7:18:00 PM

well well well, guess i used my emotions again yesterday. after blogging, i went offline and went to listen to shanwei's interview on ufm. then they were playing 'give me five 2003' and the song is quite sad as it is about his whole life story in the entertainment industry. then he went on to talk about his life la. and after the interview, i thought of VECtor. i pictured their press conference and guess what? i teared. it is like so touching because they finally made it after so much. now, all i wanna say is JIAYOU to VECtor and do fulfil the dreams of synergy with the energy of VECtor. (sounds familiar? took it from mou mou ren) VECtor, JIAYOU!

Friday, October 24, 2003 9:21:00 PM

well, my results sucks totally but i have no time to elaborate on it now. will talk about it more another day.

9:17:00 PM


on 21 oct, which is two days ago, i was listening to danny's show and he had an interview with sun. felt touched because he said that he has seen her grow from a small singer to someone who is going to break into the american market now. and just before he said that i was looking at energy's poster and thinking about what we discussed that afternoon, about they being a changed person. remember VECtor? at nexa's house. anyway, then i realised that i have actually seen alot of people turning from nothing to big things. energy is one example and i have no wish to elaborate on it. but there is one person that i really wanna talk about. he is called jay chou.

i heard jay for the first time somewhere in september/october in year 2000. he was just a little 22 year old(hope i got the age correct) boy who wants to show his music to the world. i must say he didn't make it really big then but i quite like his music and bought his album.(but it was like about 5 months after he released it. sorry la, but no money) and near the end of 2001, he released fantasy, the album that made him really big. i was happy for him then because people has finally noticed his music but he started to change. he used to be a shy boy with a cap everywhere he went but now he is just a guy, who is still shy when talking to strangers, who is proud of his music, not that it is not good but he seems too arrogant. he has changed. and his music is so similiar that i once thought that a song in the second album is another song from the third album. well, can't explain where he is different but he just seem different. so i decided to stop liking him since december 2002. he is one guy that i think is a waste. he shouldn't have changed.

and now i am seeing VECtor forming, from a really nothing to something big in the future. i really hope they can make it big. and they won't change. VECtor, promise me that ok? be my fairy god mother for once, oks?

that's all i wanna say. i hope energy won't change anymore. i really hope so... ...

Monday, October 20, 2003 8:59:00 AM

well welll well, i am online so early coz of dearie nex, do check out antbyte kz. and to say JIAYOU to kix for the french test ltr. mus do well wor. and to the gg PLC, have fun at sentosa n orchard. rmb to miss me and my heart will be there with u guys. and to vector, it is going to be a day full of fun and entertainment. let's party!!

Sunday, October 19, 2003 1:47:00 PM

i love friday!! it was so FUN! imagine sitting in a room for about 5 hours just singing! so FUN! we were screaming our hearts out and not caring if we disturbed others or not. but we were lah. they were looking in trying to see what song we were screaming. and we were screaming wu xie ke ji, 'bomg', fang shou and knokout! heh. knokout=knockout=tui mo lu. is spelled as kokout because they spelled it like that in the ktv's mtv. heh. so FUN!

lalalalalalalalala!!! the school year's ending. so fast! time to get ready for all the post-exams activities! ohhhh yesh! hah. i getting yu wu lun ci liao. better stop talking cock. byeoz! 8102!

Friday, October 17, 2003 11:36:00 AM

well, it's finally all over. no more exams and no need to study for sometime. this is so cool. because if this goes on, i think i will waste all my emotions. didn't really wasted my emotions last night but i cried, not again.

well, i was studying for my f&n when i heard the dj, banban, talking about his life. he is doing a so-called special on his life last night. so he was talking about how he missed the school days and exam days when he and his friends would go to the airport, or stay at the school canteen or go to a friend's house to study. it just suddenly brought back alot of memories. isn't this all what we were still doing a few days ago? and then, he played a song, ao ye(burning the midnight oil). as i don't have the lyrics in chinese, i am going to translate it to english myself, it is just the chorus:

i used to stay up for you, just to make your birthday card.
we used to stay up together, to study for the exams tomorrow.
after today, we might have to bid goodbye.
please stay up with me again to chat.
i used to stay up for you, just to help you record your favourite show.
we used to stay up together, to just talk crap on the net.
after so many days, how many times have we stayed up together?
let me sing this song for you, please stay up with me till tomorrow... ...

don't you think it's like us? have tears in my eyes at this point of time, threatening to fall. but the other song that made my drop 2 tears is a song by xiao hu dui. i can't remember the title but i remembered that the song is about 3 friends graduating and telling each other to pursue their dreams, promising to meet up again in the future and asking each other not to cry. this is so sad. but the one that really made me cry alot of a song by banban and his friend jiehao. they used to host a teenage reality traval programme in channel u so this song is the theme song. as i don't have and don't want to type out the chinese lyrics, i got the english lyrics translate by butterfly*maiden:

Friends truly are forever -
Even so, hold them close, and hold them near,
Because even friends might have to leave sometime -
So treasure them while you can.

'Forever' doesn't mean they'll always
Be there by your side physically.
But true friendship will always remain in your heart,
Buried deep in memories, unfading.

It won't matter if in years to come you forget my name.
It won't matter even if you forget my face.
Just as long as you remember the times we've had,
That will be more than enough for me.

for just as long as our friendship is never forgotten,
It would never have been a waste,
And after all, how do you regret a few happy years
That were better than a lonely eternity?

and this is the chorus. it is like so true. about friends, about life. i guess i used up all the emotions that i am supposed to use only next year as i am not graduating yet. but i believe i didn't waste emotions yesterday, was just touched that's all. i think exams is doing a very big thing on me, making me use up so many emotions. but i wanna give the song, ao ye, to nana especially. thanks for spending so many nights up with me just to k shu. thanks.

and an annoucement, i changed my nick again and this is going to stay for good. because there are people saying that t3aRdr0p and sUnsH|n3 has a very big difference and doesn't go so i changed it to t3aRysUn. a combination of t3aRdr0p and sUnsH|n3.

love ya,

Thursday, October 16, 2003 5:40:00 PM

You told me once to follow my heart.

I tried to, but my heart has no part

In this strange game of life we play,

Where we as players have no say.

We ran screaming in the rain,

In a vain attempt to hide our pain,

Both knowing how it would turn out.

There are some rules to life you cannot flout.

You told me once, until forever, friends we'll be.

But forever's only as long as the heart lets it be.

When we found ourselves drifting away,

We knew it was time to let destiny forge the way.

Let go, let go, or the past will drag us down.

Memories that made us smile, might cause a frown.

We can't spend life wishing, remembering, looking backward.

Like life and time, we've got to move on, move forward.

And maybe someday you'll find your way,

Standing tall and stong and free, I pray.

Because time flows on endlessly from the beginning to the end...

But as long as destiny allows, I'll always remember.. my friend.

a poem written by butterfly*maiden

5:12:00 PM

today i am going to share about something that happened yesterday. for those who follow the news, you should know that china has sent a guy into the space to orbit around the earth 14 rounds right? when i saw it on the news last evening, i have alot of feelings. mixed emotions. i teared when the guy, yang li wei, had his report back to earth and he said he is feeling fine and the whole control room cheered and clap. guess i was happy for them too. the chinese in china has finally realised their dream about flying. so proud of them. i really feel proud to be a chinese. when will the day come when the whole of singapore would actually agree on something and they are proud of something their mates did? i really wonder... ... but if such a day really comes, i will be so overjoyed that i most probably will cry buckets.

that is what happened last night and i know i wasted emotions again. sorry but i said i will try right? and not i will stop right? :) yeah yeah, i really gan qing fan lan liao. and celly, sorry about what your brother did. don't be sad anymore or pissed with him ok. he is only a boy, a little boy. and anyway there is no more need to study, at least for the time being.

peeps! exams are OVER!!! yays!! this is so cool. i know i still have a paper tomorrow but i am already celebrating. who cares about the paper tomorrow? almost everyone's not studying. at least that's what felicia told me. heh. so this is really the time to cheer. three cheers and three cheers and three cheers for today! hiphiphorray! hiphiphorray! hiphiphorray!

love ya all lots,

Wednesday, October 15, 2003 11:27:00 AM

hihi! hows life? anyway, i just finished my e-maths ppr 1 and the rest are still in school doing their pure. jiayou wor~ i just saw weiyun on wqyl too. he looks so different. he has thinned down alot. he seems so weak and fragile. my heart breaks for him. yun arh...yao chi duo yi dian zhi dao ma. bu yao rang wo men wei ni dan xin. yao hao hao zhao gu zi ji. jiayou.

one more day... ...

Tuesday, October 14, 2003 4:50:00 PM

hihi! me back again! i noe i wasting ur life again but to nex, naz, clau and eunice, i believe i updated my fanfic at antbyte so do go and take a lookie alright? love ya. and physics over!! so is chinese ppr 1! heh. 2 more days...cheer!!

Monday, October 13, 2003 5:12:00 PM

gonna talk to you about not supposed to like a person too deeply for a wrong reason. a long time, which is actually only about 2 yrs and 10 days ago, i started liking this dj. i mean it was from that day that caused me to not stop listening to his programme. his programmes are like an escape from reality for me. i practically grow myself on him. so when he decided to go overseas for studies, my whole world practically crashed. well, at least not in the open because only like 2 people know about this incident. i mean is it really worth it? for me to like that guy so much? well, till now, i have no idea but i think i am really very dependent on him, this is what i conclude. when i went to his web just now, tears were forming again when i read that he might not be a dj again after returning to singapore. i mean i think it is really not worth it. but feelings is really strange huh. another incident is the energy contract conflict thingy. now that everything is finally been solved, but we have already shed so many tears for them. is it really worth it? i really don't know and do not want to comment on it. why must feelings be so strange? why can't our sense stop our emotions? i really wonder... ... if only we do not have so much feelings that we yong qing fan lan. this is a really sad world at times. do think about if all the people you like or love now really worth it? i know i am always asking this but just ask yourself ok.
love ya,

*p.s. using diff nicks for diff occasions.

4:45:00 PM

hahahahahahahahhaahahahahhaahhaaha! i am back!! wanna write aboout smth sad and sensitive but now too hyper to write liao. thanks to nana, clau, eunice n krys coz we r now toking cock on msn. diam fun! hahahahahahahahahahha! really don noe what to say liao. now i yu wu lun ci! hahahahahahahahahahahhaaha!!!! wasting ur precious life again. byeoz!

1:12:00 PM

hah..i guess i am just too flared up about my previous entry. sorry if it affected your emotions. should try not to do that again but it will be difficult. heh. i just enjoy giving people lectures you see. right nex, naz, eunice and clau? well, gonna share smth happy now. guess what? it's 3 more days to end of exams! yOohOo!! aren't you guys happy? hah! and guess what again? a-maths ppr 1's over..only one mroe to go. yays! half the a-maths terror is gone! yAyS! lalalalalalalala!!!!! heh. diam crappie la. i super hyper now. no idea why. maybe coz i let out wateva that is in me liao! hah! kk, shouldn't like waste your time nemore coz i think i am really wasting your precious life away by making you read my crappie entries like this, but definitely not the previous one. so tata! have fun!

12:59:00 PM

so what if i am a bad girl?
so what if i am a bad girl? you guys may think i am mad to say that but as i am skimming through the gg photo just now, i am indeed a bad girl compared to the others in the plc. firstly, i am like the only one in the plc to go against the rules. i have a second ear-hole with an ear-stick, which i not allowed, and i folded my socks, used to, and my cca skirt is diam short, but it doesn't belong to me, and i am like the only one who acutally scolds bad words, like f**k. well, you may think that this is common and there is nothing bad about it but please consider who is in the gg plc. they are siti aisyah, michelle ng, melissa wee, beverly lim, kristie neo, nithya, nanthini, samamtha koh, melissa ho, eunice ng and me. do you get the picture now? they are all super guai kias man. can't stand it. i believe other than me, the ones who are so called bad girls are sam and mello, sorry to say this. and to believe the me during normal school days and during saturdays are so different. on school days, i still wear my ear-stick,at times a stud..heh, my socks used to be folded but it's high now, my hair is neatly pinned up, school uniform that is so long that i am amazed by the length. it is about ten centimetres below my knees. i carry a big school bag, that is orange in colour, and holds my big, fat, chunky file on my arms with textbooks. i wear glasses, not that i don't on saturdays but you get what i mean, and i look like a total nerd. can you picture me on school days and saturdays? the difference is like north pole and south pole, not that they are very different but i just can't find another comparison. so am i a bad girl? well, i do occasionally ignore what teachers tells me, refer to clause mr lim if you can find it, and just heck about them. and i definitely enjoy teasing teachers, refer to clause mr koh if you can find it, and i am one who never does her homework. what a good student! hah. i am all sick and tired of school and school rules. why is there such a thing as school rules? and why is it so bad to be an ah lian? is there anything wrong with being an ah lian? you guys make an ah lian sound like a prostitute, quoting what celly said,' ah lians are all low-class. there is nothing as a high-class ah lian.' sorry celly, must i give you copyright fees? anyway, what's so bad about being one? i mean everyone in this world is equal and have the rights to do whatever they like so why critisize them? i mean GOD didn't give us a mouth to critisize others right? confession time: i do enjoy critisizing others but i am trying to control myself now and i am not scolding you celly, just refering to everyone, no offense ok? well, bottomline is: i don't care if i am a bad girl or ah lian anot but i definitely do not enjoy being a good girl.
sorry for taking up your time.

Friday, October 10, 2003 6:27:00 PM



6:22:00 PM

well well well, changed my nick from t3aRdr0p to sUnsH|n3...heh..changed the layout again in case you didn't notice or see the previous one. the one was there for only one day before i found this. comments were the orange is nice and its too yellow. so i guess this is better. and the best part is it is both orange and stary...heh..my faves! mello, don't you think it's just so me. beofre i find my heartfelt song, i found my heartfelt layout. heh.

4:55:00 PM

hey hey! so happy!!! coz geog's over!! i'm so happy...shalala...everybody should be happy...shalala!!!!!!!! yOohOo!! and one of the e-maths pprs over too. can do leh..heh..at least i did more than i left blank. jus hope i can pass. and chem's over too. well...7 more days to the end! yays!!! and thanks eunice, for the lightstick. i think i seriously gonna bring it to kbox...heh..so exciting...exams gonna be over so soon...OH YES!! hah..gonna share a song lyrics today. a diam nice song by zhang shan wei (a-wei) named shi xin feng.

黑暗天空破了個洞 無邊天際獨自守候
給我幸運握你的手 除非有你無藥可救
第一眼知道就是你 無奈老天開了我一個玩笑
無可自拔早已愛上你 為了你全心付出
心疼你左右為難 只要在你身邊
我就心滿意足的為你選擇他 我把二分之一的你交到他手中
就算失去自己也不在手 從不後悔失心瘋陪我到老
我把二分之一的你藏在記憶裡 看著你幸福模樣
天使的笑 就算再苦我都願意 一個人獨自向天空祈求
有一顆星會屬於我 對你的愛化成守護星 別無所求

too bad if u cant read chinese. if u wan the song, ask from me okies!
love ya to the core,

p.s. should i change my name to sUnsH|n3 ? give me comments. thank you you! heh.

Thursday, October 09, 2003 1:35:00 PM

changed my blogskin! yays! but seem very dull hor? nvm lets use this first before i can find a better one. :)

1:01:00 PM

hi! i am back to blog again. feeling dead tired now. tired changing the colours of my blog just now but the results were quite bad because i am not sure of the colours but it is very bright! heh.. keeping this one first until i find a way to make my blog look really good in orange. well, looking for more skins now. heh..talking cock liao..shouldn't be here for too long. byeoz.

p.s. i honestly have no idea what this post is for too. heh.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003 7:23:00 PM

just finished reading the blog of 2/3 vector. read the latest entry written by celeste lau and felt i-don't-know-how-to-describe-the feeling. why would emotion suddenly hit you? and is blog really meant for people to write about sad things. why do people feel a wave of sadness when they wanted to blog? i really wonder... ... well well well, i guess this got to do with some mental stuff. firstly, you think a blog is just meant for you to vent your frustrations and grope about all the sad things that has happened to you in your whole life? well, i think this is the super wrong concept. a blog is meant for you to share stuff about you or whatever you wanna share but i don't think a blog is just set up to tell others how sad your life is, how pathetic you are. by doing so, i think you are really pathetic. and i mean it. another thing is the feel your blog gives. i see alot of people's blog with black background. no wonder it feels gloomy. why not change it to a happier colour? or a favourite colour? sorry if you like black. anyway, people normally come online to relax and destress so i don't think they like to read sad blogs. it will only affect their emotions more. i don't think you would like to read something like that when you are all tired and stressed up. get me? anyway, thanks celeste because your entry has made me want to change the colour of my blog from green to orange-yellow. even if all the blogs out there are sad, this shall be a happy blog. even though the blog is named 'tears in heaven' and i am t3aRdr0p, i am definitely not a sad person and i will prove it. as t3aRdr0p means only to cry a tear and stop. 'tears in heaven' also means happy tears and not sad ones as there will never be tears in the heaven because everyone there is happy. please think about what i just wrote ok. and i really hope i have brighten up everybody's life.

love ya forever,

Tuesday, October 07, 2003 6:48:00 PM

about feelings:

i thought about alot today. about life, about friends, about feelings. i think feelings is a very strange thing. it makes your feel differently about different stuff. just now when eunice left the chinese class, she said."bye, shuwei's girlfriend." and i replied,"i am not shuwei's girlfriend and i don't want to be his girlfriend." this answer came very naturally. after replying, i started to wonder about why i would have this reply. i mean, don't i like shuwei? why don't i want to be this girlfriend? then, i realised that liking an idol is really different from liking a real person, not that an idol's unreal but you know what i mean. the way i feel for shuwei is different from the way i feel for a normal crush. for example, i like daniel a long time ago and i always hoped that my future boyfriend will look or be like him, but my crush turned out to be rather short and is on the chubbly side. he is just so different from daniel. why would i like him then? because an idol's crush is really different from a real person's crush. after much thinking just now, i have concluded that the way i felt for shuwei is just admiration and not the like or love in the feelings way. well, feelings is just a very funny thing that no one can control or understand. have you ever really considered if you like or love a person in the correct way? i think it's time for you to start thinking.

6:11:00 PM

a letter to ling(belle n jade too, the other ling):

dearest ling,
hihi! how life? well, don't bothering answering the question because i know the answer. ling, i really don't know what to say about her. i am really very sad over the incident and i hate ling! the jade ling i mean and, if you are reading. talking about school, it really sucks to the core. i really don't like maths or should i say, can't do maths, like how you can't do your second language. and my temper has been very big these days. been scolding the f**k word alot. ask those around me especially grace heah and nexa, they will say yes! our lifes all very messed up right? hate this man! ling, i hate you! i really do! you caused my life to be so messed up! you sucks to the core! ling! why must this happen to us? why? and about the song, i really love it, though it's a little different from the original one. i love the last part especially. it made me tear. ling, why must this happened to us? why? what's on earth with her? i really wonder... ... ling, i need an answer, can you give me one? and about the paper cut, i am sorry ling, i didn't meant it to be. sorry if i hurt you. and about your paper cut, i hope it doesn't hurt so much. but i must say blood really taste diam nice, if they taste the same as the ones in my mouth. well ling, you really must take care ok, because i am afraid i won't be able to take care too. must take care of me too ok. or should i say we take care of each other. don't worry.

p.s. for those who don't understand, don't bother understanding.
p.s.2 ling, i believe you know which part is for which ling.

Saturday, October 04, 2003 11:04:00 PM

i am back again! heh. felt that there is a need to blog today so here i come.

the reason why i need to blog today is coz something very great happened last night. for the first time in my whole life i dreamt of enegy, so should i say an idol. heh. aren't you guys happy for me? well, in the dream, energy were teaching a lot of people how to dance tui mo lu. i don't rmb if weiyun was in the dream. neway, very cute coz the start of the tui mo lu dance is posing right? but the people they were teachign couldn't stay in that post and kept on moving. so they also started to move. i rmb seeing nana amongst the crowd in the first row too. the dream was at a basketball court and actually not alot of ppl too la. the four guys were standing in front, with rows behind them. and if i didn't rmb wrongly, nana was directing behind milk. and i don't rmb what happened but i just suddenly appeared and told the 4 of them not to move and dance properly. then they started teaching the ppl without music first and then demo-ed with music. diam cute lor. and suddenly again, i spoke and said that their dance that day sucked to the core and started dancing she me tai du. and i believed i woke up. heh. this is my first ever dream of energy. so cool. guess is coz i watched mou nian and she me tai du before sleeping yesterday. and another thing is, i finally watched mou nian's mv yesterday. abit the slow but at least i watched it before, unlike di er ci which i don't even know what the mv is abt. heh.

supposed to be doing my f&n now but slacking away as usual. went to the library with guotai (or do u prefered to be known as kelvin?) to study and as usual, didn't managed to survive for more than 2 hours. why is my attention span so short? hai~ and i found 'the' line for zhi you wo. since 'jin tian chi bu hui zai rang ni liu lei', i finally found another line, it's 'rang gu dan shou zai ni sheng pang'. if i am not wrong or rmbed wrongly, it's sang by wei too. heh.

jus finished packing the cd rack. d**n sis jus bought a new cd rack so i am given upon the honour to transfer everything. ended up packing everything cd and vcd we own. diam tired and pek chek with it. after i finished the one in the living room, i decided to pack my own cds, so i packed them. and i discovered i do own alot of cds. a total of 24 cds (one of them is burned). and only about 3 years has passed. the mean of cds i buy a year is 8. heh. nex, don't i sound like someone?

well, i believed weiyun has already annouced to the whole world that he is 5566's junior now. how sweet! i really have a jinx-ed mouth huh? i rmbed telling nana that energy's next album will definately a compilation and it will most prob be one now. and i predict it will be out arnd december. we shall see if i am so accurate, ok?

and i took out my yellow plaster today, finally! heh. aren't you guys proud of me? and i bought a new discman. guess what colour? ORANGE! heh. the whole thing is ORANGE! cool huh! don't i just love the colours in the orange range? i love orange, yellow ang green! i believe these colours have connection with each other. don't you guys think so? ok, gettin very yu wu lun ci now. should be time to go off. so BYEOZ! and today i won't say i will not come online nemore coz i don't even trust myself now. heh.

thought of the day: why is orange such a nice colour? i wonder.. ...

Friday, October 03, 2003 7:55:00 PM

said i wont come but cant help it today coz i wanna share my experiences with you guys. i watched infernal affairs today and after the show, i have one question. am i jus different, or too emotional or jus thinking too much?

well, about infernal affairs, i can only say its nice. though the plot is jus like some other hk police story, sorry to nex coz u said it was rather cheem, but the pictures were really good, and that includes eddy and shawn. but the reason to my question is, the last scene showed eddy in the station asking a crying girl for her name and she said mary and he smiled, coz the chabo he liked in the show was called mary too, acted by carina lau. nex, jo and fel said that the smile was flirtatous but i thought it was very sad. i even cried when he smiled because i was thinking about how he felt about mary, who died in the end, and his love for her. and i jus being different, emotional or thinking too much? i need an answer. please help me ok?

neway, the uncle was really nice to us. thanks for the posters! and to jane and germz, i know jus now i very xia suay. sorry arh. jus diam excited la. and our el exams is finally over. three cheers and three cheers and three cheers for today! hiphiphorray! hiphiphorray! hiphiphorray! ah! and love ya all man! diam high today! :D

discovered that i forgot about my thought of the day since along time ago, so i decided to put it back, for today at least.

thought of the day: will you love someone just because of the name? i wonder... ...

Thursday, October 02, 2003 5:51:00 PM

hih! hows life? this is t3aRdr0p again. gonna update you guys on what happened these few days, if i have my memory. heh.

yesterday was the 1st of october, so happy children's day to all. it's shu's bday too so happy birthday. and when we enter october, it means that exams are really near now so do study alrighty.

today is the 2nd of october, to all energy fans who should know, it is weiyun's bday. (i decided to only call him weiyun now coz toro is the name meant to be used in energy so since he is out for good, weiyun he shall be, not even yun!) anyway, today is weiyun's bday so happy birthday weiyun. and i wrote something to him in school today. here it comes:
dear weiyun,
i know today is your bday and i shouldn't be doing this but...you are a JERK! like what clau said, you are grateful to jason for what Energy have today, so you are sticking to him but have you ever wondered what is Energy today without the other 4? Energy's sucess is partially due to the other 4 too. they worked so hard with the workload jason assigned, that's why Energy has today. it is not only jason, but also the rest of Energy you should be grateful to. well boy, from now on, you will be all by yourself. it's a difficult path you have chosen and will be walking it all by yourself. boy, you better be more matured after your bday today. Jiayou and all the best in everything you do. xiao nan hai (little boy), byeoz!
after today, it will be our english exams tomorrow. aren't we excited?! heh. anyway, all the best for the exams and Jiayou! oh yah, tomorrow is also UFM's 2nd bday. happy birthday in advanced.

don't feel like saying anything now so i am going off. byeoz and don't miss me too much. will really try not to come online before end of exams and this entry is specially dedicated to clau coz she said that my entries are nice so i posted this one for her and only her.


born serene oh but not old.
nicknamed the old one now.
i stress, i am not old.
i would prefer to be called, mature.

It's not a dream if it came true,
but we exist to dream.
Make a wish,
I'm your faithful genie that doesn't have much patience :)

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