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Monday, November 16, 2009 11:19:00 PM

wow. from the previous entry where i said i want to revive my blogger till now, it's been almost 8months. i tend to forget my words quite a bit don't i. and that picture i put up is gorgeous. i can so change the picture now to jun.k but i wont. cos i know, my heart lies with changmin no matter how much temptation i face from junsu.

anyways, getting out of point. i just want to talk about 6PM today. i think the boycott's really quite harsh on them cos it's all done for jay. not that i think it's not right to boycott cos i'm pro-boycott but i still feel so bad for them. i love the other six members as much as i love jay, if not more. and to tell the truth, i can accept a six member stage. i feel like i'm betraying jay when i think of this but this is my inner most thoughts and i think i can only say it here.

i want to see jay back on stage with the other six members. just come back soon jay, so i wont be in such mental turmoil. i support 6PM. and i support 2PM. and i know how much the seven of you worked to achieve the results today. so 2PM cannot be done without jay. aish, i'm getting incoherent.

what triggered this post? the fact that the other members are suffering from injuries due to the new choreography. why did jype even included acrobatics in 2PM's concept? that totally eludes me. i want to see all of the boys healthy and happy. not with injured wrists and ankles. no way. they need to be safe and healthy before they can be happy. the fact that wooyoung has hurt his wrist is making me very upset. and rumours has it that junsu hurt his arms too. it didnt come across my mind that the pyramid involves such danger till someone pointed it out. i was merely being fascinated by it. seriously, i dont deserve to be a fan. how can i not realise all the work and suffering they had to go through before perfecting the choreography. damn. i ought to be shot.

and there are comments at 2OD on this issue that doesnt make me very happy too. someone said we need jay. so the boys will stop all this suffering. come on, just cos jay was the one who did acrobatics before doesnt mean that he wont be suffering or injured. i think this is really selfish. cos this is means that he/she prefer jay to be injured? thats the way i am reading the words. and someone even said that with jay around, the boys would have taken more of themselves. STFU! jay is important and he is important as a leader, a hyung. but the other six boys arent babies. they know how to take care of themselves. so stop making them seem like jay is indispensable. now i feel like crap for slightly implying that jay is dispensable.

ah, fuck it all. i should stop trying to care so much. or even reading other people's comments. why do i want to agitate myself? cos 人之初性本贱.

shall end all this mindless ranting and try and get some knowledge into my head instead.

byebye world.

Sunday, March 29, 2009 2:09:00 AM

i havent been back for more than a year.

have this sudden urge to revive my blogspot.

i also dont know why.

probably cos the two other sites are too known and there are many things i cant say openly over there.

i shall see how about this blog.

for now, it's a brand picture andb background colour!


Monday, May 07, 2007 5:57:00 PM




born serene oh but not old.
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i stress, i am not old.
i would prefer to be called, mature.

It's not a dream if it came true,
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